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Morgan & Cumbas is equipped to level the playing field in immigration proceedings. When immigration authorities initiate deportation proceedings, the United States government is represented by the Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”). Our office is prepared to go toe-to-toe with the DHS and Morgan & Cumbas will fight to reunite your family.

Immigration is a vast and complex area of the law and there are potentially multiple paths to follow in a particular case. As you prepare to meet with Morgan & Cumbas for your initial consultation, please consider the following questions:


1) What Type of Case do I Have: Detained or Non-Detained?

“Detained” vs. “Non-Detained” Cases: When we refer to a “Detained Case,” the individual we represent is in immigration custody. With regard to Detained Cases, first and foremost, we evaluate bond eligibility, as our priority is to reunite families. When we refer to a “Non-Detained Case,” the individual we represent is already free subject to reporting requirements (if any).

With regard to Non-Detained Cases, Morgan & Cumbas’ objective is to open every window.

2) Am I Eligible to Receive a Bond from the Immigration Judge?

Bond Eligibility depends on a number of factors including: prior criminal history; length of time in the United States; ties to the community; and qualification for other benefits in immigration proceedings. Some criminal convictions can automatically disqualify you for bond. Don’t walk into the courtroom without an experienced immigration lawyer by your side.

3) Am I Eligible for Immigration Benefits?

Eligibility for Immigration Benefits: In short, eligibility for immigration benefits is dependent on some of the following factors: number of “legal” family members in the United States; length of time you have been living in the United States; the method in which you entered the United States; and your prior criminal history in the United States. In order to determine whether or not you are eligible for immigration benefits, contact our office so that we can devote personal attention to your case.


If you or a loved one has an immigration issue, contact Morgan & Cumbas and we’ll commit ourselves to tailoring the best solution for you. Contact Morgan & Cumbas for an evaluation at (210) 435-6200